There’s a popular saying that says “The company you keep reflects your personality” and it’s true. Most times these companies are your friends. Having friends in life is something we can't always avoid, no matter how hard we try to. Having friends around is vital to living a sociable life. Now the question here is not about you having friends around, the question is do you have good friends around you that inspire you to be good and be a better version of yourself? 

Most at times, we as human beings find our selves in difficult situations, where we are surrounded by bad friends and most of the times, we fail to understand that they can be bad influences in our lives and we tend to ignore situations like that, probably because we don’t want to lose our so-called “best friends.”

How do you realize you have bad friends around? 

• You realize you have bad friends around you, when you do certain evil things, you wouldn’t think of doing. If you’re a person who lives by certain rules, and you see yourself going against those rules, it’s high time you scrutinize your friends and see which is making you do certain things you wouldn’t want to do.

• People around you complain about your sudden behaviour change, and they always say bad things about you – check your friends and see which of them is influencing you to do bad things. 

Now how do you stay away from bad friends or how do you deal with bad friends 

Let them know how you feel about them.

Vital communication with our loved ones is something we underestimate sometimes. If you have noticed you have some bad friends around, let them know about it, talk to them politely about it, tell them the things you don’t like about them, so they can improve themselves. Doing so will inspire them to be a better version of themselves, it will make them feel loved, it will show them they have someone around that cares a 100%

If they don’t listen keep a little distance.

"It’s better to be more alone than to be in bad company." Keeping a distance from bad friends doesn’t mean you hate them. It simply means you want to give the friendship a break, it means you need time to be alone. Doing so can make them think twice about their behaviour or actions towards you. You have to be strong to do this. It’s not easy staying away from friends you truly love, even if they’re evil to you, but keeping a distance from bad or evil friends is something you might need to do, to know who’s good and who’s bad. 

Inspire them to be good by being good to them. 

When you try to show your friends how good you’re, it inspires them to reciprocate that good back, no matter how evil they can be, when they see that good in you, they will emulate it, eventually. Like I said the company, you keep, defines who you are, and if you are good to them, they'll reciprocate that good back.

Conclusively, having bad people around you is something you can't always avoid, most especially friends, but trying your best to avoid bad or evil friends will set you on a good path in life, keep good people and friends around you, and I promise you, your life will be close to being perfect. 

Surround yourself with people that inspire you to be a better version of your self, and more so reciprocate by inspiring them to be good people also. When you stay around people who strive to be good in life, you will also be good. It’s inevitable. 


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