A quote by Gina Barreca says "it's not that diamonds are girl's best friends, but it's your best friends who are your diamonds."

There is no denying friends are like diamonds and sometimes, you treasure them, even more than diamonds! In my honest opinion, there are certain kinds of friends in your life, you shouldn't let go of, no matter the situation - work, life, distance, disagreements, etc.  

You must make sure you are with them till the very end. 

Sthenia made a list of types of friends you shouldn't lose touch of; 

Friends who hardly ever say no to your requests.

It's a normal thing to admit certain friends turn down our requests frequently, for no reason, even when they're capable of granting those requests. Those kinds of friends are the ones you should avoid. 

If you have friends who hardly say no to your requests, never lose those kinds of friends. They're the real diamonds.

Friends who keep your secrets.

Secrets are sacred and should remain secrets, in my personal opinion. But some friends just don't keep secrets! It's like a thing they love doing to hurt you, and even though it doesn't hurt you, it's not right. But if you're a lucky chap and have a friend who keeps every one of your secrets. Those are called real friends. 

Friends who don't compete with you to feel more relevant. 

It's a fact some friends compete with you to win and make you feel less about yourself. It shouldn't be like that. Competition should be healthy, I strongly believe competition should be done to improve one another and complement each other's competition not compete to win and demean someone else.

If you have friends who don't do that, love them for life.

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