No, they aren't.

Let me tell you why -

"A grudge can be defined as a persistent feeling of ill will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury."

When you have a grudge towards someone, you hardly want them to succeed. 

Considering what's happening in the world?  Grudges make the world a worse place, not only that, it makes you not grow mentally. It also puts you in this feeling of leaning to something that's badly unreasonable for a long time. It's not healthy.

UC medicine says.

It's not easy to forgive and forget.

When you hold a grudge, you recall a past event and the negative emotions associated with it. It subjects your body to stress over a prolonged period, which has negative health effects. Rushing to forgive isn't good either, as it can make you minimize your emotions. 

Psychology today says.

Holding a grudge is lighting yourself on fire and expecting the other person to die of smoke inhalation

If you're having grudges against someone 

  • Let them go.
  • Let them know ill will is not something you can't hold onto. Everybody learns, every day. They can learn too. 
  • Learn to communicate with people you have grudges with and solve your issues with them. Communication is the key to solving all misunderstandings/issues.
  • Get a new life and let go of an old life. Grow. 
  • If some hurts you FIGHT BACK, it's not a sin to, but don't ever keep a grudge against someone
Grudges fill the mind slowly with problems and issues. 

Life isn't easy, the world is always filled with constant issues. But we all try to be at our best all time the more we try we become better.

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