In my honest opinion, people find games so entertaining, that they spend so much time and money on them. And with the continued increase in the number of games on digital stores like Google Play and App Store, games have never been so accessible. This has lead to a tremendous increase in the number of video gamers worldwide.

A study on the popular game Fortnite showed that the number of people playing the game monthly reached 350 million worldwide, in just three years and that alone, justifies the fact that “gaming lies at the heart of our very existence.”

Video gaming has a lot to offer in the coming years, and the future of video gaming is so promising we cannot ignore it. Here are things we expect to see in the gaming industry in time;

Use of gaming platforms as a primary means of social interaction.

In recent times popular online messaging and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. have been the primary means of online socialization, but things are changing now, popular games like PUGB, Fortnite, Apex Legends, have become popular means of socialization.

Even more so, virtual concerts are being held on Fortnite. In the coming years, social gaming will become very popular, largely due to the rapid increase in the number of games alike and gamers.

Virtual reality gaming dominance.

Virtual reality is in play now, but it’s not well received compared to other gaming platforms like mobile and PC, people are yet to get used to virtual reality, but in the future, it will be widely used, most especially by gamers, and as virtual reality headsets, become popular, cheaper and technologically advanced, the level of usage of these devices, will become more popular.

VR games create that sense of realness, and that alone excites gamers a lot, and with time, people will stay attached to virtual reality games.

High-level multiplayer/cross-platform gaming

We all love to compete with friends, families or even strangers when playing games, one of the many reasons we play games, is to compete, and it’s all the more reason why multiplayer games are so popular.

With better access to faster networks, and cheaper data rates, multiplayer games will own the future of the gaming industry, and I’m talking high-level multiplayer games, where gamers can interact with other gamers, with voice commands and gestures. Just like the way we interact in the real world, we will, in high-level multiplayer games.

More so, gamers will be able to play the same games, irrespective of the device being used. Whether it’s a console, mobile, or PC device, gamers will have access to the same gameplay.

The decline in the use of physical controllers.

Today, we control game mechanics with the use of controllers; gamepads. But in the future, it won’t be like that, games will be controlled with direct human interactions, such as virtual touch controls, body gestures, and voice commands.

The use of controllers will become obsolete.

Human-like Graphics & Animation.

Graphics will be greatly improved in games, that we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between reality and games, as hardware becomes powerful and cheaper, game graphics, will be greatly improved, to the maximum.

Mobile gaming dominance.

When I mean mobile gaming, I don’t entirely mean playing a game with a smartphone, I mean handheld devices. More so, console and PC gaming will be greatly reduced so much, they might even become rare.

Even in present times, gamers love to play on the go, and that’s what mobile gaming is all about. You leave your house; you can play, commuting on the train; you can play, or even at work breaks, that’s part of what makes mobile gaming more fun.


In all, the future of video gaming is very promising. And over time, there will be more upcoming innovations, that’ll affect the gaming industry positively. As “Innovation is the key to growth, in just any industry!”


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