The amount of hate that roams this world is so unbelievable, hate is having a distasteful like for someone. Generally in normal life, you come across random people, and they just hate on you for no reason, actions like that make living in a world with many troubles more troublesome.

If there were less hate in the world, trust me, It would be a better place than it is. Unfortunately, we live in a hateful world filled with hate crimes. Countries fight each other, people commit hate crimes, people don’t show love, it's disheartening.

Truthfully there are ways we can turn hate to genuine love, Martin Luther said Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Here are a few ways to tackle hate in a world filled with hate.

  • Strive for genuine love

As Martin Luther said only love can drive hate, we should learn to love ourselves, there’s no love in the world right now and everybody is trying to be the next best thing, competing, fighting each other, and not caring about each other well being. That’s all hate, and it’s killing our society, the rate in hate crimes is at an all-time high. And it keeps growing because there’s no genuine love within.

When you love someone for no reason, it gets reciprocated, imagine 80% of the world has a genuine love for each other, how awesome would that be!!

Always have the habit of having a genuine love for random people. 

When people from different backgrounds come together, it’s always a nice experience. People learn and accept new cultures, create friendship and connections and all sorts of good things that foster love. Irrespective of their differences - age or tribe.

  • Avoid toxic friends. 

Toxic friends and hate are synonymous, they hate on you for no reason, and if you discover one, avoid them or be polite enough and tell them how to become a non-toxic friend. Toxic friends can ruin your relationship, and it can make your environment uncomfortable to live in physically and mentally.

  • Avoid unnecessary argument, competition and fights

Even within friend hate can spew from having arguments, or fights with friends. – they’ll be like - oh she thinks she’s better than everyone. That’s hatred and hatred amongst friends can lead to hate crimes and cause possible deaths of innocent people.

  • Educate people on how hate can ruin their lives and society

Hate is destructive, and it can ruin you when you harbour hatred so much in your mind, it doesn’t allow you think well, it makes to think of indulging in bad things like hitting someone close to you. When you explain and teach them on the destructive power of harbouring hate in their mind, it will make them think twice about harbouring hate in their mind. And hey “it makes the world a better place for everyone

  • Treat everyone equally and respectfully

Irrespective of your status, wealth and accomplishments. Treat people equally, irrespective of their social status - it'll make them feel they’re living in a comfortable world. Also, show love, don’t think of the age difference or racial difference, just treat them like you would love and respect yourself. 

What you give out, you will get in ten folds, if you have this habit of respecting people irrespective of their age or race, peoples love for you would make you wonder how love is an exquisite experience.

More so if we live in a love-filled world without hate, there won’t be any issues in the world. We would live in love, peace and harmony. It can’t be always perfect but our best is more than enough.

Image credit - Unsplash


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