As humans, there are times we feel like life sucks! We go through issues in our lives for no single reason. Bad things just happen, and all we do is feel that burning pain inside. Issues and problems may come around you by luck, but sometimes they are specific reasons why we go through bad situations in life.

Sthenia did some research about it, and how to get past these hard times, and decided to share some of them with you.

Influence from bad friends

Don’t deny it. Friends are one of the most influential people in our lives, and when we do certain things, it's because we were pushed to do so - more like peer pressure. If your friends around you are evil, you’ll go through bad situations some might even pressure you to do things that might get you in “real trouble.” 

Being careful of the friends you keep is as Important as keeping a healthy life. 


Karma is real, as in dead real. Everything we do in life revolves around us. It’s more like a circle. Sometimes we feel bad about why we’re in certain situations – it’s all as a result of karma. Whatever way you treat, someone in life is how you’ll get treated.

Be careful how you treat people and be mindful of the things you do to people. Let your mantra be - "Always be good"

Our thoughts

You’re whatever you think when you think about evil things, all you want to do is evil, and it gets you in trouble real trouble or puts you through hard times. Ever tried having good thoughts lately? Please do, it keeps you out of real-life trouble.

The company you keep 

This time I don’t mean friends. I mean people you hang or chill with. These sets of people may be doing some real evil shit you have no clue about, and one day, you’ll get caught up in all of these troubles, thus, putting you through hard times

It's right you keep good company in life. 

Our real-life actions and behaviour

Sometimes we unknowingly act in certain ways that might make some certain people have that urge to hurt you. It’s life. It might not be intentional, maybe he/she is just irritated by you or don’t want you around. And when they can't reach or hurt you. They try as much as possible to put you in real troubles, like real ones! Just to hurt you. 

So by all means try to be good to people in the best way possible and avoid bad people.

Sometimes, we go through hard times because it’s just how life is built, it’s a phase in our lives, were going through and sometimes it’s inevitable. 

To deal with problems, always seek advice from professionals, or another option possible is to seek for people who at some time in their life, were going through the same thing you're going through presently, so they can advise/help you on how to solve these issues you’re going through - this can be easily be done through social media, by joining groups or communities and sharing your experiences with people who has gone through what you're going through. 

Conclusively your take-home advice is. "An issue is a chance for you to do your best."

Image credit - Unsplash.


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