As Steve Jobs Once Said - "People With Passion Can Change The World,"

Working is all about passion, if you don't love it, you will burn out and get paid, but if you love it, you'll mostly be happy, accomplished and most importantly, handsomely rewarded well enough. 

Work-life, as we all know, is always necessary, but sometimes it can be difficult to handle + you'll get pressures from bosses, excessive tasks/works, late-hours shifts & mental stress, etc. 

Sthenia compiled a list of guides that top-level executives like Steve Jobs, used in succeeding in their career. 

Being an astute worker is a skill many people don't have - but no worries. As you read on, you'll find out "how to be an astute worker and still not get burned because of work stress."

Happily, there are ways you can achieve this feat - having an almost perfect work-life and still not get burned out.

Here's how; 

Always learn a new skill set and always be 5 steps ahead of your colleagues when working.

When you get very skilful, you'll overhear the words like "he's or she's so good at his/her job! I just don't understand why" this is a sign of respect and great accomplishment. 

Even more so your boss will respect your skillset and assign you to high-level tasks, that normal employees, won't be assigned to work on. Plus it will give you a certain level of competence! Right? Thus reducing stress in your work life. 

Learning is a constant process, never stop learning.

Always try to learn new things. It might not be work-related but learn something, it will add up one day.

Everyone gets mad at times but try avoiding it.

Try to be nice to your colleagues.

It's never normal that you don't have colleagues you don't like at work, even normal acquaintances. We have to try as much as possible to be nice to everyone, even colleagues, there's no harm in trying to be nice to people. It won't cost you any troubles - lol. Showing them love - might even lead to them liking you, even better.

When you act like this to people, they will reciprocate no matter how hardened they are. And hey! Maybe you could be everyone's best friend. 

Always strive for an alone time and take breaks often

Well,  not too often. When working you stress the brain! The brain keeps itself sharp to deliver work efficiently well enough or keeps the body vigorous. When the brain rests well enough. It delivers proportionally. Without the brain, you can't efficiently deliver well when working. You must take time to be alone, eat & drink something good - but not excessive drinking and eating. Read a book, reminisce and keep yourself refreshed, for work again.

Be the best in the room

Whenever you have meetings, discussions, works, and tasks. Always try to be the best in the room, let your colleagues know you're the best worker, more so let them know you are always 5 steps ahead of them when working on projects. But make sure it's done politely!

Steve jobs always made sure he was the best in whatever he did, he tried and it worked all the time - that's why he was able to create the most valuable company in the world. Apple!

Always apply for jobs you're passionate about.

If you don't love it, you'll become stressed, working isn't easy it takes a lot of time, dedication and thinking, so when applying for new jobs, make sure you apply for jobs that make you happy and eager to work on. I promise you won't have work issues.

Avoid unnecessary drama.

Your work is your work, you don't go to the office to gossip or cause dramas, stuffs like that is very negative and it affects your work life, so bad, that you don't have time to focus fully. 

Finally, be an avid reader and learner, do less of talking and more of learning. When you have this habit, you become untouchable mentally and physically.

More so deliver - work on your tasks or jobs efficiently, do it well enough. Strive for perfection, in all of your works - one reason why Apple is the best brand in the world. 

Image is from Unsplash