Being right is kinda the best way to live through this thing called life, without having to be scared of anything harmful or hurtful.

A quote by Nurudeen Ushawu says "Doing good to people itself is healing. If you are kind and generous to others, your chances of falling sick are less."

Striving to be a good person in a world where evil is rampant, is something rare and hard to find, but when you're good, in a world filled with bad people, you tend to stand out and make a difference. More so, people will emulate your good side, and you know what? it makes the world a better place.

In a world that's inhabited by over 7 billion people, if every single human strives to be honestly good, trust me, the world will be a far better place than it is now. 

Having a heart of doing and being good, leads to so many positive things, that can change the world and make living for humans a prosperous and blissful one, and this is all the more reason we should strive to be good.

How can you strive to be good? 

  • Always do the right thing whenever necessary.
  • Be good to people and always show love whenever necessary.
  • If you're in the position to teach, teach people how to live a good life and let them emulate these good qualities from you - make them see why being good is a perfect way to live life. 
  • In all be a force for good. 

In a fairly perfect world, if every living soul were a force for good, the world would be free of all problems it currently faces, it would be a better world - possibly a perfect world!

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