A good parent is one who strives to make decisions that'll be beneficial to the child's life

Parenting is an important aspect of child development. Without it, children won't live a proper life. Parenting involves a whole lot of work, and we understand a parent must give his/her child proper training irrespective of any circumstances. 

Proper parenting is vital to your child's mental health, and you shouldn't take proper parenting for granted if you want your child to be sound mentally. 

Here is why proper parenting is vital to a child's life and development; 

  • Discipline is very important when bringing up a child, it's good you discipline your child or children, and this means telling them to do their chores, their homework, and not watching tv before they do their homework or chores, etc. More so, teaching them to be responsible and well behaved is also an important part of discipline, in your child's/childrens life. 
  • Always try as much as possible to spend time with your kids, mostly when they are at a young age. Make sure they have your full attention. This is one of the best things you can do for your children or your child. 
  • Be a good role model for your child or children, let them learn a lot from you, so when they grow up, they can look back and say my dad/mum inspired me to be a better person. 
  • Your child or children should feel comfortable telling you anything. You should make them feel comfortable telling you anything, they should trust you. Make them see you as a confidant. 
  • Don't spank your child/children, if they do something bad, you can punish them by, taking away their privileges, so they can feel responsible for whatever they did and learn from their mistakes. Spanking a child isn't a proper way to raise a child.
  • Love them 100% but not excessively, they need it and deserve it. Love them and show it to them. It would make them love you back in return and build a strong bond between you and your child/children. 

Conclusively, also take good care of yourself while doing all of this, your general well being is important, so you can be in a position to deliver proper parenting for your child/children. 

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