When someone puts an end to something, it doesn't mean that they gave up. It simply means that thing is not taking him/her anywhere.

Being honest, bad habits are hard to stop, and there are times we wished we stopped them, even when it's so hard for us to stop it - these habits can be anything from drug abuse, stealing, lying, showing no love, etc. And more so, these bad habits can be harmful to our lives, and it could do us no good, but trouble, even affect our social and daily lives. 

Now how do you fight off old habits? 

Look for a positive, good and rewarding alternate habit to replace your bad habits. 

It's not always easy fighting off old habits, but if you ever want to fight off old habits, you should find something that feels rewarding to you - it might involve playing mobile games, listening to music, spending enough time with family and friends, etc. 

You just have to find something that triggers you well to stop and forget a bad habit. If you try doing this, leaving your bad habits can be easily done.

Talk to a trusted therapist 

Spending time with an experienced and good therapist might just help you in stop your bad habits, talk to your therapist, don't be shy, tell him/her the bad habits you wish to stop, and you might just get a piece of advice, guidance and counselling that can change everything.

Be around friends and loved ones, and more so discuss with them how they can help you in stopping your bad habits.

Spend time with your loved ones - family, relations or friends. Don't be shy to tell them what you're going through, they would try their possible best to help you in fighting off those bad habits away from your life - if they truly love you. 

Find a positive and rewarding reason to stop a bad habit.

Taking time to think about why you should lay off a bad habit is the first step to stopping it. It comes from the mind, and if you strongly make up your mind to stop something, or you set your mind towards achieving something, you will. The mind is as powerful as that, and it's a tool you should use to fight off bad habits. 

Keep your mind off it and think of something more rewarding and fun.

Try to feel distracted, keep your mind off your bad habits as much as possible, replace that bad thought with something more fun and rewarding. It works always.

Avoid bad companies. Be with good companies that make you forget your old habits.

Avoid bad companies - friends most especially. Try avoiding friends that would pressure you to do things that you consider a bad habit, peer pressure is a serious issue people face, most especially the young ones, and it often leads them to learn bad habits that can affect them in so many ways. So keep good companies. 

In all, be good, be a force for good, stay of bad companies, do things you find fun and rewarding, engage yourself in important activities and in time, you would see those bad habits will be far gone from your life.

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