In times like this, true and real friends are extremely hard to find, people find it hard to know who's real with them or not. Most times, you have friends, and the funny thing here is that you're close to an extent, but what you truly don't know is if he/she really cares for and loves you genuinely as a friend. 

Having a real and true friend around is something that'll help you through life without any hassles, it's like winning a real-life lottery. If you have true and real friends, cherish them, if you don't have real and true friends find them!

Sthenia knows what it means to have a true friend around, so we want to share some tips with you on how you can find a real and true friend, and why it matters. 

  • First thing first, when someone is very honest with you, that person loves you, I mean real and brutal honesty, not someone who lies to make you feel better, honesty is something you can never get easily from people. People say things that feel right for themselves or to the other person. So if you have an honest person around, that's real love. Find and be around honest people, and make them your friends, the best way possible. 
  • Find someone who genuinely tells you your mistakes, so you don't make them again, rather than someone who tells you your mistakes to make you feel bad - that isn't a good and real friend. A real friend will tell you your mistakes, correct you, and give you good reasons why you shouldn't make those mistakes again. 
  • Never lose someone open/free with you - they never hide anything from you. They always tell you their failures, successes, achievements and they never rub it in your face. They are real ones. Being open with someone is like sharing your true-life experiences with the person, and that's what real and true friendship is all about. 
  • Find friends who push you to be a better and good person in life - all they want is for you, to be successful, they believe in you and want you to be the best or better than you were, because why? They love and cherish you. 

Friends are unavoidable at times, but when you take time to find the real ones, then you have no problem in life, and why so? Having the right company around you, makes you succeed in life, avoid pains, troubles and failures, and more so, guides you in living a healthy and stress-free life. 

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