Sometimes it feels like we live in a world where the true meaning of love is so underrated and taken for granted. 

Love is defined as "an intense feeling of deep affection." Love is everything, love is critical to our very existence, without it, we are not humans. 

But many at times, we take love for granted and hardly show love to people around us, expressing love to just anyone, is something we need to learn in 2020 going forward, you don't have to do much, just expressing love to a random person, it's all that matters, even if the person is a loved one or not. 

Love is what makes us live and bond together as human beings, it's critical to our very existence and we shouldn't take it for granted, no matter how hurt you feel inside, always try showing love, whenever you can. 

More so, if we as humans want to progress in all ramifications of life, we need to learn how to genuinely love one another. If we can genuinely love one another, then we shouldn't have any sort of problems, life would be totally good. 

It's just simple logic, loving someone means caring, sharing, and supporting them the best way you can, as everyone needs love. 

Here are few of the positive impact love can have in the world we live in; 

  • It can make humans united and more powerful than we could ever be, without love we are weak and divided. Division causes serious chaos and problems. 
  • It can promote the growth and development of both humans and the world at large. And this can generally have a positive effect socially, mentally, physically and economically. 
  • It can stop the sufferings and pains humanity is currently experiencing. 

Love is all we need to make the world a better place, and we should always strive to love each other, no matter what.

Image credit; Unsplash 


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