Audrey Hepburn said, "Everything I learnt, I learnt from the movies." Movies are an integral part of home/video entertainment or entertainment in general, we all have the genres of movies we love or like to enjoy, and what makes them fun is - the story, plot, stars, actors, action sequences, etc. We all love movies and we would keep seeing movies for a very very long time.

We all at Sthenia Notes, love seeing great and ingenue movies, more so, we're fans of great movies, so we decided to share with you today, our list of the best movies of 2020 - and these movies were ranked based on sales, demand and the quality of the movies, more so their innovative stories. 

This movie is ranked number one, because first things first, it was a highly anticipated movie, with great retro visual scenes, great stunts and action sequences. More so, the movie's main actor - Gal Gadot - performance was stellar. 

Tenet would have been ranked the best of 2020, but some factors, hindered it from being number one, although the cast was perfect, the use of a few famous actors made the movie seem average. Still, it had a perfect production, nice but complicated storyline, above all, it was an innovative movie production, with a great storyline.

Any sci-fi movie fan should love The Old Guard, it's a nice but not so new storyline, it had a twist to it that made the movie captivating and interesting, it's a movie you would watch and say hey, I need to watch a damn sequel! And hey! who doesn't love a film Charlize Theron stars in?

Greenland was a good movie also, produced by Amazon Studios, the movie proved - not only large movie production companies make great movies, but smaller studios make great movies too. It's a movie that shows the struggle we humans could face, or even something similar to that, and that alone makes the movie look real and appealing to viewers.

Most Disney fans would love Artemis Fowl, and to be honest if it wasn't for the 2019 pandemic that affected the business of movie theatres, this movie would have had very high sales because it's another classic movie by Disney. 

Here is our list of the best movies we saw in 2020, and we hope you like them. For those who haven't seen these movies or are yet to see them, please see them and share your opinions on these movies.


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