Movies are entertaining, no denying, and there are certain scenes in movies that seem real but in reality, these scenes aren't always real — movie myths — and it can be difficult to understand why they aren't. One example is; you might feel, the police can trace the location of a phone call, within a few minutes, because you see the police doing it all the time in movies. But in reality, it can take the police hours to trace the location of a phone call. Movie myths are entertaining and they are part of what makes movies even more interesting, but they aren't real. 

Everyone at Sthenia loves movies and the myths that make them even more fun, and sharing these myths with you is our greatest pleasure. Here are a few movie myths; 

Images can be enhanced, from low quality to perfect quality.

We see in movies, police and forensic experts enhance blurry images to give extra clear and detailed images. More so, tech-savvy workers instantaneously turn a blurry photograph to detail one. In reality, this is impossible. Images might be able to be cleaned up a little bit, but it's impossible to enhance a low-resolution image to make a perfect hi-res one. 

A defibrillator will restart a person’s heart.

In movies we see defibrillators — the electric paddles — bringing people back to life – the electric shock can restart a victim’s heart, in reality, they are made to stop the heart after it has suffered from a dysfunctional rhythm, allowing doctors to perform CPR to get it working correctly again.

Everyone who Is arrested gets one phone call.

As you see in movies, you might feel a person arrested is entitled to just one phone call, it happens frequently in movies. But the truth is that, if someone is arrested they have the right to speak to their attorney and phone calls are a privilege that can be given or taken away at any time. Although rules and regulations around phone calls when arrested do vary from state to state and country to country.

Hackers are evil, and all they do is commit cybercrime.

We see movies where hackers try to break into computer systems, and sometimes you assume that every hacker in the world is an evil genius with mysterious computers, but the truth is hackers are known as “white hat” hackers - they work as security experts to find vulnerabilities in computer systems so these weaknesses can be fixed.