Sometimes people tend to feel so sad that they start realizing everything in their life is fast-moving from good to worse. Sadness is a bad feeling, and people try as much as possible to avoid it - feeling sad. Even more so, sometimes, no matter how hard sad people try to feel happy, they end up feeling sad. But the bold truth is that people can avoid being sad and feel true happiness. If they try hard to feel so. Jonathan Safran Foer said: "you cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness."

There are certain ways humans behave that can hinder them from feeling happy, thus sad. If you can stop these deeds, then you can feel true happiness.

Everyone at Sthenia believes happiness is a choice and sharing with you the tips on how to stay happy and avoid sadness is what we love doing. Here are a few important tips on how to stay happy; 

Avoid being too hard on yourself.

Pressures from life can make you feel like; you're not living a close to perfect life, but the truth is that you're doing your best, and you shouldn't be hard on yourself, because if you're hard on yourself, you can feel extreme sadness, that it can even lead to depression - which isn't too good for your life, most importantly your mental health.

Avoid overspending.

You must buy what you can afford to buy - this means living within your means. When you tend to overspend, you might end up being financially unstable, and this can make you sad or even more depressed. 

Avoid addictions.

Addiction is bad because when you can't get to have what you're addicted to at any given time, this can drive you crazy, and when this happens more often, it can affect you're mentally and more so make you sad.

Avoid harboring regrets about what might have been.

It's good you forgive and forget, that's the best thing to do if you're hurt, that doesn't mean you're a fool, but most importantly avoid being hurt by the same person, it hurts even more. In life holding grudges, can impede you from growing - both mentally, physically, and spiritually. And if you feel stagnated, you feel sad. 

Think of the future but avoid worrying about it.

Worrying about the future will always be a burden, to you, a burden you cannot manage, and if you can't, you might feel frustrated and this might lead to deep sadness. 

Spend time with good and nice people. 

If you feel sad, it's nice you stay around good and nice people, who can encourage, support, help, and comfort you. And this means everything when you're really sad. Being around nice and good people who you love and also love you right back, is imperative when you're sad. 

In all, be nice to people, take care of yourself - watch movies, go on trips, learn something new, most importantly do the things you're passionate about, and soon you'll see how being happy can be easy. 

Didn't we mention something that can guarantee you happiness, please share it with us, in the comment section below? 


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