The traditional way of working was being in an office, sitting on a chair with a desk and a PC in front of you, with so many other people being in the same position, carrying out the same task or maybe sometimes different tasks. But with the advent of the internet and the after-effects of the 2019 pandemic, the way we carry out our work or activities as humans changed.

Remote working gets popular with each hire. People nowadays prefer to work "in the comfort of their home or home office."

We at Sthenia value remote working, and here's why; 

It fosters international collaboration

With remote work, the possibility of international collaboration is very possible -  irrespective of the time zone. You wouldn't need to be in the same building, office, state or community to achieve a work task. All work can be done and managed remotely with the internet and quality software applications. 

It helps you work more productive than working in the office 

It has been proven that people who work remotely are said to be more productive than those who work in a regular office. Why? Because they have the chance to split their time between work, friends, neighbours and family effectively. And this makes them focus more whenever they want to be serious with their work, without any distractions - from family or friends.

It's the future of work. 

Due to the 2019 pandemic, most large companies and cooperations have shifted their workforce to remote work, rather than onsite work. 

Remote work fosters focus

When you're working remotely from your home, you feel the need to focus, most especially when you want to, without any distraction. And being focused matters when you're working on a task, so as to achieve something productive.

In all, I believe remote working/telecommuting will be dominant in the future, the shift might take a while but in time, it would be a more normal way of working.


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