Being clean doesn't just mean wearing crisp and clean clothes, it also means how much effort you're putting in to make sure the environment around you is super clean, and how healthy you are, as result of cleanliness. 

Sometimes we might take the importance of cleanliness for granted, and it's wrong, you have to have that habit of cleanliness in you, every time & everywhere.

Sthenia knows there are some weird reasons why cleanliness is important. And sharing them is what we love doing. 

It makes you healthy, if you, want to live a healthy life free of diseases, sickness, etc. Just be clean, in the best way possible, I mean clean as in a "general term" and you'll be marvelled by how your health will be perfectly okay. 

Mahatma Gandhi said "I wouldn't let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet." That's how cleanliness can be important to some people. Not just for the sake of purity or good health, it just feels right being clean or being in a clean environment, it breeds a perfect work organization, perfect mental coordination and so on. 

Most importantly, being clean should be a habit, and we shouldn't shy away from it, because it's the main reason we stay healthy mentally, spiritually and physically

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