Learning is an integral part of our very existence as humans, learning has been part of us since inception. Even the stone age men had to learn to survive. We as humans learn every day, and we never stop doing so till the end of life. Of course, learning is very important, but applying what you've learnt is the most important aspect of learning.

Sthenia knows how learning is important to you, so we decided to share ways you can easily learn and make something out it; 

Always strive to learn something interesting and new. 

If learning was so boring, people wouldn't learn, and of course, it's good you try learning something you're passionate about or love, and most importantly, it should be an everyday process. And we should learn something new. When you learn something new and fun, you grow, in so many ways - either in your career, life, relationships, etc. That's how important it is to learn something new and fun or interesting. 

Scribble important notes/things you learnt. 

No one is superhuman, we tend to forget things, the brain has its limits, so whenever you learn, have the habit of scribbling down notes you feel are important, so whenever you're free, from work, family, etc. You can just read them and more so, they could be on your notepad, till whenever you feel like discarding them. Also, you can always check on them, whenever you feel lost about what you've learnt, it's like a go-to place for what you've learnt.

Apply what you've learnt by working on projects. 

Whenever you learn something, you do so to gain knowledge and apply that knowledge. That's why it's imperative, you apply what you've learnt, and this can involve working on new things or projects, or adhering to the things you learnt - if its a motivating and inspiring article you read, try feeling inspired or motivated, with what you've learnt from the article, if it's a new recipe you learnt how to make, try making that recipe. That's the best way you learn. Learning + application of what you've learnt. 

Conclusively, following these tips, will help you be a good learner in life and thus it will help you grow in different ramifications of life. 


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