No denying Disney has created some of the best movies we've seen in the last 50 years, and they keep doing so, more so the quality of their movies is all the more reason we continually love seeing them — movies produced by Disney — In all honesty, producing movies takes a lot of time, and hard work and more so there are facts about these said movies, we know little about, even more so, there are hidden secrets too about these movies. 

Everyone at Sthenia loves Disney flicks, and sharing some little known facts and secrets related to some of Disney's best movies, is one of the ways we can share with you our love for Disney movies. 

Lions vs Baboons?

Funny right? Disney's original plan was for The Lion King to be about a conflict between lions and baboons and Scar was planned as the leader of the baboons then Rafiki was supposed to be a cheetah. LOL! 

Moana or Vaiana

The Disney movie Moana (2016) was released under the name Vaiana in some countries for specifically different reasons - In the country Netherlands, the name ‘Moana’ is a registered trademark, and In the country Italy, the name wasn't seen as a proper title for the movie, because Moana is the name of a famous Italian adult film actress.

Detailed work by Disney's animators.

The wildebeest stampede in The Lion King (1994) took well three years to animate using CGI. The scene was amongst the first scenes to go into production and ended up being one of the last scenes to be finished. 

Hard work by Disney's artists. 

Over a million bubbles were hand-inked and painted for The Little Mermaid. This workload was so huge that the inking and painting of the bubbles had to be outsourced to a studio in China.

Walt Disney's legacy lives on!

The Jungle Book (1967) was the last movie Walt Disney worked on before he died in 1966. After his death, many studio employees thought the studio/company wouldn't live on, but when The Jungle Book was released and did well at the box office, Disney went on to become one of the largest studios/companies In the world! 


The Lion King (1994) is the best-selling home video of all time, the movie sold over 55 million copies worldwide! 

Did you feel surprised seeing these facts about some of your favourite Disney movies? Let us know what you feel in the comments section below. 💜


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