In life, friendship is more than just companionship, it entails people having each other's backs, in good and bad times, but in today's world, it's different, friends do bad things to each other, hurt each other and are never there for each other. And friends who do this are called bad friends. In life, we must avoid these kinds of friends, because they do nothing but harm us, in so many ways. And having people like that as friends aren't worth it in any way. 

More so, some friends are there for you for the benefit of friendship. They are toxic and they will leave you when you need them the most. We call these people fake friends.

Sthenia knows how important it is for us to have good friends around, and sharing with you, how to spot bad friends and avoiding them, is something we would love to share with you. 

How to spot a bad friend or bad friends; 

They say bad things when you are not with them.

True friends never say bad things about you behind your back, even more so, in front of you. A good friend is someone who tells you your mistakes in private. If you have friends who tell other friends or people bad things, behind your back, it's good you avoid them totally, they're bad/toxic people. 

They come around when they need you.

Fake friends come around when they need you, and they are always good to you because they desperately need something from you. The moment they get what they want, they begin to switch and stop being good, even worse they avoid you. Friends who behave this way, aren't true friends. 

They want drama.

True friends avoid drama with you, but bad friends always try to find a way to quarrel with you and cause unnecessary drama. A true friend knows quarrelling isn't good for friends and will always try to avoid it, at all cost. 

They do not commit whatsoever. 

True friends hardly disappoint, it's rare, and they always keep their promises, that's what true friendship should be about. When friends are committed to each other, it solidifies the friendship and creates an everlasting bond! 

How to avoid fake friends;

Distance yourself from them in the best way possible 

Try reducing the amount of time you spend with them. Hang out with people who are true to you, not people who pretend to be your friend, when deep down they aren't. You can even go as far as avoiding their calls or texts, then they get the real message you're passing across to them indirectly. 

Never share your secrets or personal information. 

They don't deserve your secrets or personal information, because they are bad! Not telling them your secrets and personal information are a quick way to breaking any connection you have with them. Because if you tell them your secrets, they will use them against you. It's what bad friends do best. 

Tell them you don't want the friendship anymore. 

It's better to be blunt and honest and be freer than to compromise and suffer for nothing. If you feel you have bad friends, tell them, you don't want the friendship anymore, in a polite way, make them understand why. You aren't a bad person for telling them the truth - that you don't feel comfortable being their friends anymore.


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