Bette Midler says, after 30; the body starts having a mind of its own, and much of this statement is true, at thirty, you begin to see a lot of changes in your body; an instance is your brain might begin to grow smaller, although you become wiser, and this might be fun to know.

As you turn thirty you begin to mature and age and they're a lot of changes you'll begin to experience starting at age 30 and here are a few important ones; 

  • Your sense of taste may fade as you age, also you might even tend to have a low appetite for food. It's common for people aged 60 and above to lose some of their taste buds, it's all the more reason older people often eat more foods that are high in sugar and salt. The same thing happens to your sense of smell.
  • Conclusively, when you get older — 30 and above — you may feel happier and more satisfied with life, you'll feel less depressed and more optimistic even more so experienced.

What do you feel about these changes happening from age 30? Scary or fun? 


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