Although loneliness is a state of being alone, loneliness has to do with the mind, according to researchers, it's a state of feeling lonely more than once a week. Loneliness is not just being alone, people who feel lonely usually want human contact, but their state of mind makes it difficult for them to form connections with other people. 

Loneliness is in the mind if you feel it, you act In it — a perfect example is a college freshman, who feels lonely despite being surrounded by roommates, coursemates or peers — there's an actual chance for him/her not to feel lonely, but still, yet, him/her still feel lonely. 

What causes loneliness?

Many factors can make a person feel lonely. Some major ones include being divorced, change of environment or location, physical isolation, and the death of a close person in one's life can cause loneliness. 

Other factors might include the feeling of low self-esteem and lack of confidence in oneself - people who feel this way, always think they aren't worthy of people's attention, and this leads to serious loneliness. 

Why should you avoid loneliness? 

Being lonely has been attributed to many physical and mental health risks. The major ones include having less sleep, daytime fatigue and premature ageing and this is because a study shows that adults who feel lonely, tend to exercise less than those who aren't, and this leads to the health risk mentioned above. 

Other health issues include; alcoholism and drug use, altered brain function, Alzheimer's disease progression, cardiovascular disease and stroke, decreased memory and learning, depression and suicide, Increased stress levels and poor decision-making.

How can you stop being alone?

You can overcome loneliness if you mean to, you just have to make a conscious and calculated effort, to make that change you desire.

  • You should try your possible best in making good and quality relationships and this involve having relationships with people who share the same interest and values as you, people who add value to your life, people who care for you irrespective of the consequences surrounding them and finally people who genuinely love you. These people can be your family member, schoolmates, colleagues, or even random friends you meet online. 
  • You can also engage in community service or volunteer work, this way you can meet new people who share the same interest as you, and this helps in building great friendships - the two founders of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, became friends because they shared the same interest in personal computers, they became good friend then partners and it led them to build one of the biggest brands in the world. People who feel extreme loneliness can hardly do that. 
  • Talk to your friends about how you feel, they can go a long way in helping you combat loneliness, because they care and they'll always be there for you, if you don't have friends, try making one or two, it helps. 
  • Always have it in mind that loneliness is bad for you, and you need to stop feeling lonely, that way you feel motivated to fight that feeling of loneliness. 

Finally, be positive, stop feeling rejected, feel like you're wanted or needed by people, positive thoughts yield positive outcomes. 


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