Music as an art form can be expressed in so many forms and the core reason why music is a cool form of art is that it influences our lives and makes living; fun, comfortable, and more so inspiring - music as a form of art, forms culture and thus inspires society to be expressive, free and evolved. 

We at Sthenia love music so-so much and we know how much you do - grooving to your favorite music or playlist. So we decided to write a piece on the music of today - songs from artists like Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Drake, etc. - and how it influences society a lot.

Currently today, the number of music streaming subscribers in the world is relatively 400 million, this is all the more reason why music influences us so much, but for the most part - positively. 

How Music Influences You

We know this music; has a lot of genres, and the kind of genre you listen to often can influence how you dress, talk, your way of living even more so, your social life; in more light your culture. Each music genre has its culture and thus the kind of music you listen to influences your culture. 

The Positive Impact Of Music On Culture

It's a Form of Communication

Sometimes people find it hard to communicate their views and opinions but can virtually communicate how they feel; by writing lyrics about their personal views and sharing them. And in turn, if people love it, the writer has communicated to people easily without any kind of resentment. And people can relate to it and also learn from that or relate to it. 

It Makes Celebration Fun and Easy 

Let's face it, a party isn't one without music - it's a norm. Music is played at virtually any type of celebration, which includes but is not limited to - graduations, weddings, and parties in general. It’s deemed to be a way of having fun and feeling joyous or excited even how sad you may be at that particular moment. 

It Evolves With Times 

Music is never dormant; it constantly changes over time. New artists tend to find a way to learn new and various melodies. Even more so, artists study old sounds from historic music and reproduce them to contemporary art forms -  and doing this influences culture because each genre or sound has its own accustomed culture. 

Conclusively, music is incredibly intimate, and when musicians convey a positive message or emotion through music; It inspires people to be good. 


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