The responsibility and role of a teacher in society - in general - is often understated. Teachers are arguably one of the most vital members of society. By teaching; teachers give students a purpose in life, assist them in choosing a career path, and groom them to be successful and accomplished citizens. Even more so, the future of a child can be dependent on a teacher or teachers, they prepare a child for the future, thus having a major influence in their lives - children/students. But the question is why are the roles of teachers so important in a community or even still in a society? 

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher In A Community? 

In all honesty, a teacher or teachers can positively shape societal leaders. And in turn, build a well organized and managed community. But how does this happen? Well, children live by what they are taught at a young age and might; still and on, abide by those teachings till they grow old. 

Even more so, since teachers can have positive impacts on children, when they grow up to become adults they can positively affect a community or society; thus making life better for all people living in that community. 

  • They Provide Proper Education

Some might ask what are the roles of a teacher? Well, a teacher provides proper education to students in a community, the basics of life are arguably based on knowledge and education. By tutoring students in the right way, they have a chance to live a better life and still be knowledgeable, informative, and well-informed, which in turn can help them achieve goals and make a positive impact in their respective community. More so, they use their skills and training to simplify learning. 

  • Teacher Can Be Good Role Models

In all honesty, students - especially the younger ones - see their teachers as role models, for some students the relationship they have with their teachers is invaluable, and they cherish it a lot and thus see them - as role models. Some good teachers try as much to act compassionately to their students, understand their personal and academic lives, and help them achieve certain goals; by doing so, they pose as positive role models to students in general, even more children.

  • Teachers Have A Great Impact In the Economic Development of A Community

In my honest opinion education is a key to growth in a community, but sometimes this might be understated. If the youth of a society is well-educated, then the future of that community will be perfectly well in order. When teachers provide quality education, they improve the quality of life of those students, and thus these students will grow to be individuals who'll positively lead their community.  More so, when teachers push students to be creative and productive, they're more likely to pioneer technological changes and become entrepreneurs. And in more light, all these lead to the development of a community. 

Conclusively, teachers provide proper advice to students of all types. Teachers can determine the weakness and strength of a student and in turn, guide them in the right way to become better students, but not just that; they become better individuals - and they, in turn, make their community better. 


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