Sometimes it might be kinda hard to get through a difficult task at work, or even maybe study for an important exam, or work on a project. Etc. Whatever these tasks or works might be, you'll most likely want to feel concentrated. 

Concentration is the mental effort you put in towards working or learning in a particular moment or time. Concentration can sometimes be confused with attention span, but attention spans refer to the length of time you can concentrate on something. 

It's a fact that Americans are bombarded with about 34 gigabytes of information - that's a whole lot for an individual to take in. And most times office workers are disturbed every 11 minutes, then on average, it takes 25 minutes to get back to their assigned task. And this alone makes it hard for them to focus due to the endless distractions.

Concentrating allows you to build your internal world - your thoughts, emotions, and motivation as they're an important part of your life.

Why Is Concentration Important?

Sustaining attention at an early age contributes to success throughout your life, as concentration is vital. Some factors during childhood can enhance or rather impair the development of skills that enable you to focus well enough. In more light, infants see their parents as guidance on where and how to focus their attention, on the other hand, preschoolers who can concentrate on goals are 50 per cent more likely to finish their college degree. 

Factors That Affect Concentration

Concentration and attention can be affected by many reasons - age and lack of sleep can affect one's concentration. People tend to forget things quickly as they age and their level of conversation is decreased and this can cause memory loss. Other things like mental health, a concussion can affect concentration. More so it's difficult to concentrate when you're likely frustrated, and this can lead to stress and irritation, which makes focusing hard. 

Ways To Increase Your Concentration Levels

Factoring these things that affect your concentration, there are research-based methods to help in improving your concentration. Here are some of the best ways you can increase your concentration;

Equip Your Brain

Playing certain types of games can help you concentrate easily, you can play games like; chess, crossword puzzles, memory games, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, and word searches and scrabble and crossword puzzles, etc. Playing games like this not only sharpens your brain, it improves your memory, problem-solving skills, and concentration. A study conducted in 2015 proved that adults who spend a good amount of time on brain training activities can easily concentrate. Then for kids: they can play games like word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles to train their brain and feel concentrated. Even more so, colouring can improve concentration in both adults and children. 

Play Video Games

While brain games are good, new research shows that playing video games can help in boosting your concentration. In 2018 a study found that people who spent about an hour playing a video game improved their visual selective attention. And VSA refers to the ability to concentrate on a task while ignoring other forms of distractions. Although this study isn't conclusive. 

Improve Your Sleep

When you deprive yourself of sleep, you can be easily distracted, more so, it can even affect your attention and memory. Sleep deprivation can disrupt concentration. Failing to sleep as normal can affect your mood and performance at work, even more so being tired can affect your ability to perform daily activities and tasks, even more, slow down your reflex

Furthermore, tight schedules and health problems can make it difficult to get quality sleep. But you must try to sleep, most especially at night. Here are ways you can improve your sleep at night: make sure your room is comfortable and cool. Turn off your TV set and put away screens an hour before going to bed, Go to bed and get up around the same time each day, even on weekends, and exercise regularly, but try to avoid heavy workouts just before bed.


A 2018 study showed that engaging in daily physical activity can help in improving both your attention and concentration after just four weeks. For adults: if they spend at least a year engaging in aerobic exercises, it helps stop or reverse any form of memory loss that occurs with brain atrophy, which's related to old age. 

Other ways you can boost or improve your concentration involves spending time in nature, this act can improve your development and attention. More so you can also meditate, as this is one of the best ways to concentrate. You can also take a break and listen to music; music heals the soul and makes you concentrate.




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