Sometimes craving your favourite snack all the time is a guilty pleasure you can't always control, even more so controlling your hunger for food might be hard also, and in all honesty, this might be bad for your weight and overall well-being. 

Having a huge appetite can sabotage your weight, make you eat uncontrollably and in turn make you obese and make you feel exposed to certain health conditions, luckily there are appetite suppressant ingredients out there for you. They help you in controlling your overall appetite and hunger for more food and more of your favourite snacks. 

There are many benefits of controlling your hunger. You could easily learn to control your hunger with an appetite suppressant because if you don't, you tend to overeat and overeating can cause a lot of harm to your health - it can lead to having excess and unwanted body fat, can impair your brain function, can increase your risk of having diseases and can make you feel bloated. My guess is you don't want these health conditions. 

Luckily, there are different appetite suppressant ingredients; you can easily buy to help in controlling your hunger, and this can be super helpful to your overall health as mentioned above. Going forward there are a few appetites suppressing ingredients or some of the best thermogenic supplements out there, you can use in controlling your excess cravings for food.

Almonds are a natural appetite suppressant, when you take almonds, you tend to feel full and this was proven in 2006 - a study conducted at Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting, showed that people who consumed a handful of almonds felt full and didn't feel the need to eat again. 

If you plan on using almonds as an appetite suppressant, here is the proper dosage to follow - About 2 oz of almonds a day can help in pressing hunger and managing your weight. 

Gymnema Sylvestre has compounds that can help in stopping food cravings, when you take it, it reduces the taste of sugar in your mouth, even more, it blocks sweetness in the food you eat. This is possible because it has compounds called gymnemic acids, which makes it capable of blocking sweetness in food, and reducing food cravings. 

A study was conducted to show the effectiveness of this appetite suppressant. It was conducted on people who fasted, and the results showed that people who took it had a low appetite level and were less likely to increase their food intake in contrast to those people who didn't, they had higher appetite levels and were most likely to increase their food intake. 

If you plan on taking Gymnema Sylvestre, it's nice you know its dosage; please note that you should take this supplement after eating, to avoid any discomfort in your belly.  For capsules, you can take 100mg capsules 3-4 times daily. For powder, you can take 2 grams daily. For tea, you can boil the leaves for 5 minutes, let them soak for about 10 minutes before drinking.  

Fenugreek is a herb and the seeds are usually dried for use. It's very rich in fibre and can help in reducing cholesterol and controlling your appetite. And how this works is that Fenugreek slowly empties your stomach, delays fat and carb absorption, and in turn leads to a loss in appetite.

A study showed that a group of obese and healthy people who consumed about 8 grams of fenugreek, saw a significant reduction in their appetite. 

When taking Fenugreek here's how you should take it; If you're taking whole seeds, you can take about 2 grams and move to 5 grams if you experience no side effects. If you're taking capsules, you can start with 0.5 grams and move to 1 gram, if you experience no side effects. 

Glucomannan is a soluble fibre and when taken can be very effective in slowing down your appetite and reducing your food intake. When Glucomannan is absorbed with water in the body, it turns into a gel, and when this happens it kinda stops digestion in the body.

It delays the time it takes for your stomach to start feeling empty, and in turn, makes you feel full, this not only reduces your food intake but also enables you to lose weight easily. 

The dosage of Glucomannan is; 1 gram three times a day and it should be taken exactly 15 minutes before eating your meal. 

This herb is popularly known for decreasing appetite. This herb has compounds that can increase the flow of serotonin in the brain and lower appetite. A study was conducted involving about 50 overweight adults, who took 1 gram of Caralluma Fimbriata to extract for about 2 months and they saw a significant reduction in their appetite and even more reduced weight. If you plan on taking this herb, the recommended dose is; Take 500mg twice daily for at least a month to get the desired result. 

Some might not know this, but taking a mild amount of coffee can reduce your weight immensely because caffeine is present in coffee. This happens because more calories are burned down in your body. Even more so, when you drink coffee, you tend to lose your appetite immediately. Although if you tend to take it with sugar and cream, the effect it has on weight reduction might not be strong. If you plan on having coffee as an appetite suppressant, here's the right dosage to take; 2 cups of coffee each day are okay if you want to suppress your appetite. 

If you want to reduce your weight in the most natural way possible, then taking one of these natural appetite suppressants listed above is the best way to go about it, although the effect of these supplements might fluctuate with people, you should seek professional advice from a doctor and ask which one of them is suitable enough for you to lose your appetite. 

Originally written 23rd February 2021


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