Let's be real, it's normal for people to have difficulty having a peaceful night's rest, even more so for people who have insomnia. For some people they can't just turn off their minds at night, even as the night stays still and calm, sleep is a fleeting wish, as the mind tends to promote wakefulness. Sometimes you lie in your bed with your eyes open and thoughts start running through your mind at the speed of light; well, not literally. 

This might be a sad experience and may be bad for your health. Even those with no sleeping problems can sometimes feel stressed and anxious, and at this time your mind starts racing. Never worry, there are ways you can have a sound sleep all night long, every night. 

The main reason why people tend to find it hard to sleep at night is just a simple cause; which is extreme thoughts. When you think so hard at night at a very fast rate, you find it hard to sleep, but luckily, there are ways you can calm your mind, minimize the effects of stress or anxiety and happily get back to sleep. And hopefully, rid off insomnia for good with some simple techniques. Here are ways you can avoid racing thoughts at night and sleep well enough; 

One of the easiest ways to stop your mind from rushing thoughts at night, thus preventing insomnia; is by managing stress, and using a form of distraction - like listening to music. Or by engaging in simple relaxation techniques. You should take time during the day, to address things that you know and feel are stressing you. 

Every day, take time to list, specify, and work on how to resolve what causes you anxiety, stress, worry or tension. - you can easily do this by spending some time each afternoon reviewing a list of the things that contribute to stress in your life. When you do that, list them down, then, seek possible actions that'll allow the stress or anxiety to be relieved and addressed.

More so, for you to have a good night rest, you've got to put work aside, turn off your electronic devices - phones and computers. Also, you should stay off social media, like Facebook or Twitter. You shouldn't take your sleep for granted, you can use your devices and have fun on social media during the day. Spend at least 30 minutes relaxing before bedtime, you can take a shower or a bath, listen to inspiring and slow music that can make you fall asleep easily, meditate; and soon enough, you'll see how well you can sleep easily irrespective of if you have insomnia. 

Rather than forcing yourself to fall asleep, stay out of bed and do something comforting like drinking a cup of tea, reading a book, or writing in your journal, and soon enough you'll go back to bed because doing stuff like that can make you start feeling sleepy. Staying in bed without feeling sleepy and forcing yourself to sleep can cause insomnia and worries.

If you continually have problems sleeping at night, speak with your doctor about additional treatment options, that include medication for behavioural anxiety or sleeping pills for 


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