Let's admit it, no parent will confess they have a favourite child, well it's fine, but make no mistake, most parents always have a favourite child. We can always tell when they do! But this doesn’t always mean that they love one son or daughter more than the other; the thing is that there's always preferential treatment given to one sibling over the others. Which is fun if you’re the "favourite" child. Just kidding!

Sometimes if one child seems to be less motivated in areas such as sports or school, and parents feel the need to give them more attention or push them, it may feel like that sibling is being favoured over the others if others aren't equally motivated - which can also result in one child feeling less loved. So if you're less motivated, you might not be your parents' favourite, all children should be equally motivated, in our opinion. 

The favouritism parents can have one a single child amongst others can live on till adulthood - and childhood memories are the only thing that can tell how much a child can be favoured over other children. There are lots of myths or facts that claim there are ways to tell which kid is the favourite; like how moms are supposed to favour sons, dads are supposed to favour daughters, and even more so, everyone in the family favours the eldest, and contrastingly, everyone in the family favours the youngest. The principles can be a bit confusing, so going forward, here are some realistic ways to tell if your sibling is practically favoured by your parents: 

You'll know your sibling is the favourite if your parents always bring up your sibling's gist when talking to others. Some parents talk so much about one child that you might virtually forget that they have another. They’ll brag about the tiniest of things that your sibling did, and always magnify their stories to make your sibling appear superhuman-like. If your sibling ever won any trophy, you won’t ever stop hearing about it, and that trophy will be on full display for any visitor to see, even after they move out.

You should know that you’re not your parents’ favourite child when even the tiniest of things you do is judged in comparison with what your sibling or siblings have done. Nonetheless, this can be done positively; you might finally land your dream job and your dad's or mum's first statement is - I’m glad you followed in your brother's sister’s footsteps

Birth order often plays the main role in how much attention parents end up giving their kids. So if you're the oldest child, this might explain why you aren't or weren't the favoured child. Psychologist Dr Danielle Forshee told Bustle that "For the second and proceeding children, your parents had reasonably figured out their parenting style. This likely created a different experience for you."


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