As some of you might know or not, women live longer than men, and yet still they age faster than men, and this is largely due to menopause and doing much more, which will be explained as you read further. 

In all honesty, menopause can trigger some unpleasant symptoms for women, which can include low sex drive and hot flushes. Even worse, research has suggested it's natural for females to age faster than men. A new study by the University of Vienna has proved there is an obvious increase in the appearance of wrinkles and sagging for women around the age of 50 - the average age at which menopause starts.

In more light, researchers discovered that women's eyes appear smaller, and as they approach 50, their nose and ears lengthen and their faces become flattened due to loss of fat and thinning of the skin. The main reason for those in the loss of the sex hormone oestrogen; which has an impact on the protein collagen, which is crucial for making the elastic. Roughly 30% of skin collagen is relinquished in the first five menopausal years.

We at Sthenia, are oh so curious why men easily stay younger than women and here are the main reasons why:

It's proven that women are more prone to mental breakdowns, especially if it's work-related, more so, the hormonal difference in men and women explains it all, hormone fluctuations are associated with depression. Even more so, Seasonal Affective Disorder affects women more than men, as constant stress certainly leads to early ageing.

Brain ageing is different for men and women. Men who tend to be overweight and diagnosed with diabetes, or have had a stroke are likely to suffer from cognitive impairment. On the other hand, women, nonetheless, are more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment than men, especially if they are dependent on others for daily tasks and in turn, don't have a strong social network.

Going forward, a study conducted at George Mason University proved that pregnancy makes a lady look 11 years older. The truth here is, women who’ve given birth at some point in their life have shorter telomeres than those who've never had a child. The shorter your telomeres are, the older you look. 

Moreover, feeling stressed during pregnancy is not uncommon for women, which in turn accelerates the ageing process. It's proven that male skin is 25% thicker than female skin. Although the percentage may vary from person to person, the comprehensive figure is the same. Men have fewer wrinkles compared to women of the same age, females have deeper wrinkles on their faces compared to men.

In all honesty, do you believe or think women age faster than men? And what's the reason for your answer? 


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