People want to feel forever young and forget about ageing gracefully; but the trick is how do I age youthfully, have a radiant appearance? Well, you can still glow healthily. I guess you want to know what to wear to look younger - maybe looking like you're 17 at a sweet sixteen party? You've got to swap the clothing items that make you look older than your real age — either buy or get rid of clothes that aren't youthful and fun — I promise you'll instantly look a few years younger. Having these outfits will show you exactly how to dress younger.

If you've been wearing the same type of clothes for months, chances that these clothes you wear can make you look older; it is probably high — and looking older than you are can hurt your life and even more your work — more so, people can even call you grumpy. Probably it's time to take time and access your wardrobe. Do you still have items that make you feel it's time to change your old wardrobe to instantly look younger? Follow this guide:

Dark shades can make you look conservative and give off that message that you look old, although black shades aren't bad you could look younger if you wear brighter shades - they make you more fun and open, more so, it makes you look younger. More so, wearing bright-coloured accessories like; necklaces, hoodies, scarves, and brooches on your face is a good way to make your face look fresh and even colourful.

Showing off your arms with a sleeveless or cap-sleeved top — except you need to feel warm — is one clothing tip that can make you feel warm; wear nice tank tops that aren't too tight.

If you spend your younger years wearing higher neck clothes, your chest will be left untouched from the sun, you won't have the damage that sunbathers might have. Wear tops that reveal your low neck; to display a spot that shows little ageing and If you're lucky enough to be one of those women without the sun damage, you surely won't have wrinkles.

Sleek straight pants look good on all body types, even more so make you look youthful. Trending pant styles are pant styles that end up at the ankle - but if you're not comfortable with that, you can wear a longer pair that ends at the top of your shoes.

Wear a turtleneck that's eye-catching - you'll bring less attention to any extra weight around your midsection — if you have any — wear it with cropped pants and a great pair of shoes.

Any piece of clothing worn around your neck is important, and If turtlenecks feel stifling, wear a shawl collar.

Black is popular and can fit any piece of clothing, but it can make you seem older maybe because it's extra simple. You can wear brown or grey, which will make you seem younger and kinda approachable? Well isn't that good?

Being too involved and enthusiastic about every fashion fad could make you look out of touch. Even If you follow the latest trends you'll be seen as - trying hard to stay relevant. You must try to dress younger to feel younger but not like your children or grandchildren.

Avoid hiding your ankles; sometimes when you age, you feel so consumed with how old parts of our body might be; you feel like you have to cover up your ankles, elongating your leg a bit with a cropped pant makes you look sexy, as this part of your body don't age.

It's good you show some skin; although you're aged and your body doesn't look like it was when you're in your 20s; it doesn't mean you shouldn't flaunt your skin whenever you want to - you should wear skirts and dresses that show your legs. Sometimes women don't show their skins because they are old and have veins or probably because their legs are aged. So they feel self-conscious that they aren't tan enough. All you have to do is discover your imperfections or just use some lotion to add smoothness.

Originally written 27th March 2021


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