As the saying goes; life is short and as far as life goes while we're free and alive, we should be conscious of how we allocate our time in life - because it's limited. And in a tight sense, this means achieving some goals which are important to you while you're still here - on earth

Some might say, is it worth the stress? - I mean, achieving major life goals that are important or dear. But in all honesty, achieving goals is important for your developmental progress. While some goals may be reasonable to achieve at a certain stage in one’s life - they may lose relevance at another point in time or place.

What's more fun than achieving your goals or doing the things you're passionate about and in turn achieving something magnificent for it - this is part of what makes life fun and more importantly, meaningful. Down below, you'll see a list of important goals you can try achieving - let's just say these goals are major life goals. 

Some might not know this, but being happy can increase your life expectancy. So being happy is a major life goal. Scientific evidence suggests that being happy might have major health benefits. If you don't know this, then, being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle. It may also help in boosting your immune system, combat stress, reduce pain and protect your heart. 

Being carefree, playful, lighthearted, being adventurous; having an exciting, enjoying life; being spontaneous; exploring, stimulating life; to live for today; devoting time to amusements, recreation, entertainment, hobbies is a major life goal, moreover why work hard when you can't enjoy yourself with that money made. 

Having financial freedom is very important in life, let's admit it; everyone loves financial freedom no more than each other - we all want to be financially free. More so, we all want to buy things we want, thus having an easy and comfortable life.

Being extremely knowledgeable about things in general not only makes you knowledgeable but makes you accomplished. Because you've learned a lot of things people are craving to know. Which in turn makes you a super achiever. More so, achieving personal growth; knowing yourself, being true to yourself, standing out accepting yourself and your flaws seem super important.

Finally, pursuing your ideals & passions is a goal you should think of achieving, it's very important. You should be passionate about something; pursue your ideals.


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