Talc is an important mineral used in making talcum powder and it's made up of elements consisting of oxygen, magnesium, and silicon. Talc is also used in making deodorants, baby powder, and makeup. It makes products soft and shiny and can be found in various products that people use daily. One popular product is talcum powder, more so, it's popularly used in making cosmetic products people use today. 

Talcum powder is good for the skin because it absorbs moisture and cuts down on friction which makes it good for your skin. It keeps your skin dry and helps in the prevention of any form of rashes. Although talc is safe, some studies based on it suggest the powder might cause serious health problems. 

Today, talcum powder is used for many things and it has cosmetic and industrial uses. Here are some products that contain talcum powder; blush, eye shadow, baby powder, foundation, face powder, and industrial products. 

Talcum powder has been said to cause numerous health problems, according to several studies, more so, the use of talcum powder has been linked to cancers like ovarian and mesothelioma cancer. A popular publication detailed the dangers of talcum powder and the lawsuit against a popular talcum powder maker. Though talc in makeup hasn't been linked to many health issues, inhaling the powder might cause breathing difficulties. 

If talcum powder gets under the skin, probably through a wound, it can cause problems. In more light, it's bad to apply talcum powder to wounded skin as this can cause infection and inflammation. Moreover, if you have any kind of scratch or injury on your face, you shouldn't apply make-up on your face. 

When you inhale cosmetics containing talc, this could cause respiratory issues and can lead to face powder poisoning, which includes; a burning sensation in the throat, eye irritation, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. Although face powder poisoning rarely occurs, talcum powder poisoning can easily occur. More so, when talcum powder is repeatedly inhaled, it can cause asthma and bronchitis. 

It's best not to blow powdery products containing talc in the air e.g. face powder, blush, and eyeshadow. And minimizing the amount of talcum powder that stays in the air is important because it's safe for your overall health.

Over time there have been studies on how the dangers of talcum powder can affect people and these dangers are serious health issues that can affect people who use talcum powder frequently. Going forward, here are some of the dangers of talcum powder;

Talc contains asbestos and other minerals, and when millers and miners are working underground mining talc, they are normally exposed to these minerals and it affects them. A study conducted proved that due to this exposure, the possibility of lung cancer is high. Aside from having lung cancer when these miners and millers work, they are also at a high risk of respiratory diseases. But it's important to know that the use of talcum powder itself can't cause cancer.

Normally when talcum powder is applied to sanitary napkins and the genital area, particles of the talcum powder can drift through the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tube, and in turn, might lead to ovarian cancer I.E cancer in the ovaries.

Although some studies prove that there is a very low risk of having ovarian cancer due to the effect of talcum powder in the body, some still prove there's an increased risk of cancer. 

A definitive study hasn't been conducted to prove that talcum powder can cause cancer, but there's also a possibility it can cause cancer - ovarian cancer. 

One study proves that if women use genital talcum powder, it can cause Endometrial (uterine) cancer, most especially in women who have passed menopause.

Some studies and lawsuits proved talcum powder has a mineral called asbestos that can cause mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma cancer can affect the abdomen, heart, and linking of the lungs. And how this happens is that, when people inhale asbestos fibres, it can cause scarring and inflammation, which in turn can lead to mesothelioma. 

The IARC(The International Agency for Research on Cancer) has stated that talc-containing asbestos is "carcinogenic to humans." Although they also made it clear that talc without asbestos in them "is not classifiable as to carcinogenicity in humans"

Although these studies on the health dangers of talcum powder aren't quite definitive, there's a possibility that the use of talcum powder might cause serious health issues. And also the exposure of miners and millers to talc can affect their health. 

Originally written 28th February 2021


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