In all honesty, predictions of how the future would seem are comforting and at the same time scary. More so, some of these predictions seem like stories from sci-fi movies and the Chapters of Revelations from the Bible; and these predictions can include - devastating wars, human-like machines, overcrowding, etc. 

On the other hand, promising predictions about what life would look like in 2050 include the use of cars without any form of petrol; promising, right? Although more things can happen in the future, only a few of the most important ones can be eye-catching and garner interest from the public. 

Even more so, speculations that we as humans might experience an ice age in 2030 are high, plus technology might be so advanced that we could either taste or smell through our electronic devices. But to say the least, this is just a piece of what wonders we might see and experience shortly I.e. 2050. With modern technology developing every day and being employed in human culture, it might be very easy to predict what the future might look or not look like by the year 2050.

We at Sthenia are oh so eager to know what life, in general, would look like in 2050, so we decided to turn our curiosity into knowledge and share what 2050 would look like considering the current stage of technology - this is what we would love to share with you. 

The basic truth is technology will shape how we live in the future as humans, but the downside is regulations. The government might be a problem. Currently, there are developments on how drones can make deliveries in the future - like delivering things to homes, hospitals, etc. But due to regulations, technological advancement like that may not be easily implemented in society, but not entirely impossible. However, this doesn't mean technology won't be far different from how it is in 2050. Here are some of the major things that'll be prominent in 2050: 

More than ever, humans can link their brain to computer chips, there'll be super-fast data transfer between our brains and computers - more like a cyborg. And if this is possible, the similar technology used in linking brains to computers can be used to make humans part-machine and part-human. Scientists might even be able to wipe as well as restore memories in the human brain. Although government regulations can easily prevent people from having these chips implanted in their brains. 

In 2050, people will live on Mars, just the same way we live on earth. SpaceX founder Elon Musk has said at Vox's Code Conference in June, he plans to send astronauts to the red planet in 2024, so they get there by 2025. More so he also said "We will see first people going off to Mars, and then robots will do some basic stuff like making basic materials on Mars"

Furthermore, in 2025 smartphones might be stale largely due to the advancements in augmented reality. You might be laughed at if you own and use a smartphone in 2025. Lol! It will be possible to use virtual screens in the form of holograms to carry out computer operations by using bracelets or any piece of jewelry, thus making it unreasonable to own and carry a smartphone around. 

Robots might just be butlers or housemaids in 2050. Hopefully, when there's a breakthrough in the development of artificial intelligence and robotics, robots can even be more so, companions to people. Companionship is the main aim why robots and AI are being critically developed - Toyota has announced plans to build robots geared towards assisting people around the house.

What’s your prediction for the future? Do you think technology will be beneficial to us in 2050? Which predictions for 2050 are listed above, do you believe and like the most, and why?


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