We’ve probably heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life” in contrast to that phrase a new study has suggested that the phrase “controlling wife, healthier life” is more accurate. Earlier studies have shown that spouses can have a positive effect on each other’s health and longevity. Nevertheless, this new study sheds light on why wives who are in charge of their husband’s health should be more honoured.
When women influence their husbands; their husbands tend to have a lower risk of developing diabetes, and this is based on a new study led by a Michigan State University sociologist. Even if - husbands - do develop diabetes, they can be easily treated because of the controlling effect their wives have on them - husbands. You might not know this, but diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the US
Researcher, Hui Liu, has said that this might be because some wives continually monitor their husbands’ health, even more, it's safe to say that when some women's husbands are in a poor health condition or have a disease like diabetes that requires continuous monitoring, their wives constantly support them.
The research, which assessed survey results from 1,228 married people, that's aged between 57 and 85 years old, disputes the assumption that an unhappy marriage can result in bad health and hence a shorter life. However – it appears that wives who have controlling husbands won't live longer and won't be healthier, as opposed to the reverse case discussed above. 
More so, unhappy marriages hurt women's health and increase women's risk of diabetes. Nonetheless, if a woman is in a strong and healthy marriage, and she feels loved and supported, it keeps her body and mind; strong and healthy.
So, the main reason why men who have controlling wives are healthy and live longer is that researchers have concluded that women might be more sensitive than men. In more light, if a marriage is strained, the wife will experience more stress and therefore might feel affected physically compared to the husband.
Do you agree that controlling wives have a positive effect on their men's lives? You should share this with someone you know who’s always in control of their husband life, so they feel appreciated.


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