Your sleeping position does more than just describe you; in detail, it might have other effects in your life, which might include your income. According to a survey conducted by OnBuy, people who tend to earn a high income have a similar favourite sleeping position, as the same goes for lower earners - they also have a favourite sleeping position. 

Research conducted by OnBuy determined if our sleeping positions could affect our income. OnBuy’s Furniture Department surveyed 5,438 working professionals, and they found out a fascinating connection. This survey showed that the most common sleeping position is the “fetal” position, in which 3 out of 10 people admitted; that's how they like to sleep. While the second common sleeping position is the “pillow hugger,” and the third is the free-fall. Their research dug deeper and demonstrated how higher earners preferred popular sleeping positions like the Free-fall, while lower earners tended to choose the “Fetal” and the “Pillow hugger”.

Going forward, the study separated the data into top 10% earners, which showed those who sleep in the free-fall posture are most likely to be successful at work. More so, according to the survey, 29% of those earning more than $75,000 (£54,900) yearly confess they prefer this position. Despite it - the free-fall sleeping position - being very popular, it’s believed that the free fall isn’t ideal for quality sleep. 

Even more, 23% of workers who also earn a high-income sleep in the “soldier” position, And the good thing about this sleeping position is that it's a very nice sleeping position. Because there isn’t any unnatural bending of the spine, which reduces the chance of back pain.

The survey also discovered that 21% of people under the higher income category sleep in the fetal position. It's the best position for people in general when it comes to getting quality sleep - it can also reduce snoring, and it's great for lower back pain and pregnancy.

13% of the more financially successful people sleep in the pillow hugger position. While 9% of people with higher incomes sleep in the thinker position. It’s a generally comfortable position, and more so, it’s advisable to put a pillow between your knees to relieve or alleviate stress on your back or rather still avoid any pain. More so, only 2% of the high-earners sleep in the stargazer position, while 1% of income earners sleep in the log position. 


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