College is fun, no doubts; most might agree to this, but what's more, fun is getting your college dorm checklist in order. And this will entail asking yourself questions like - what and what not should I bring with me to college? 

Having to decide which items should be on your checklist can sometimes be a hard task. More so, if you've been living with your parents and even more so if this is your first time moving to college, it can be even harder to have a well-detailed checklist. But no worries reading further, you'll have that perfect college dorm room checklist. 

College Essentials For Your Dorm Room You’ll Ever Need

Sometimes when making the ultimate college packing list for your dorm room, it's typical to forget a few dorm room essentials. To avoid that, here's a detailed packing list. And I promise you; you won't miss any important items when moving to college. This checklist includes items that are easy to remember. 

Dorm Bathroom Checklist

Typically, in college, you get to share a bathroom, and sometimes this might be uncomfortable for some, to make showering easier and comfortable for yourself, it's cool you have a shower caddy, to keep your bathroom items in it - bathroom items that you could keep in your shower caddy, include but are not limited to washcloths, soap, toothbrush etc. Also, you should carry your towels with a shower tote. 

Going forward when you want to take a shower, wear flip flops, so you don't get infected with foot fungus or any other bad skin disease. More so, It's safer to not use a sponge when showering because they carry germs. A washcloth is better, you can use it once before washing it again for reuse. 

In all, it's also important to have these bathroom items, when purchasing items listed on your college dorm checklist, and they are; towels, flip flops, shower mirror, bathrobe, toothbrush, mouthwash and shaving kit.

Study Space and Electronics

Your main aim of going to college is to study, this is all the more reason you should have a well set up study space. And to do this you need to get some important items. Here are study items and electronics, you'll need to have on your college dorm checklist; 


Your PC is a super important electronic device you need in college. You need it to carry out tasks, projects or assignments, so don't leave it at home and if you don't have a PC, you can buy an affordable one, more so, make sure you install applications that'll be useful to you when using your PC, a good example is Microsoft word.

Hard drive

Sometimes you might need to back up important documents or files, and you'll need a hard drive to do this, and hey! It's like having extra storage for your files, assignments or resources. 

Desk lamp

A desk lamp brightens your study space during the night, it's super useful for studying at night. Also, the lamp you plan on purchasing should be easily adjustable - so you can place the light where you need it to. 

Other items you need for studying include but are not limited to headphones, notebooks, binders, and folders, a smartphone, power strips, and a backpack. 


Confirm your bed type and then buy linens, pillowcases, flat sheets and a duvet to make sure all of these items match your bed size. Other items you need include; earplugs, an eye mask, a bedside lamp and a mattress pad. 


Conclusively, more college essentials need to be listed on your college dorm checklist, listed above are the most important ones. But other items you need to keep in mind include but are not limited to; food storage containers, plastic cups, water bottles, coffee mugs, dish soap, small dish towel, can opener, scrubber, laundry detergent, laundry basket and/or bag, Iron or steamer, starch and ironing board


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