Games are entertaining, there's no doubt about that, and what's more fun about them is that they're an entertaining way to pass time. In 2013, research showed that games can increase learning outcomes by two grade levels, this is all the more reason playing games, more precisely, two-player board games as of 2021, is important and more so, fun.

Best Of Two-Player Board Games In 2021 

So, if you're feeling bored or stuck inside your home, there are lots of two-player board games that are cool and entertaining, and that you can use to pass the time. Some of these games you can play with a friend, roommate, or partner. If you're looking to play a high-level strategy or narrative or even more so, a simple game, these are a few two-player board games in 2021, that you can enjoy: 


If you love playing puzzle games, then Patchwork is a simple puzzle game you can enjoy. It's simple to learn and understand. It's a game in which you have to sew your quilt and race your competitor to collect buttons. Furthermore, It's a competitive and fast-paced game, more so, it's perfect for two people.  

Wonders: Duel 

In this game, both players will attempt to build civilizations across three eras, by drafting various cards, that'll help players, grow their resources, pursue scientific dominance or military. Wonders is a devious card-drafting game, and it's highly competitive.

Mr. Jack

This fun board game involves the first player assuming the role of Jack the Ripper, while the other player takes the role of a detective that's responsible for investigating the crimes of Jack the Ripper. In each game round, players move the townspeople away or towards the streetlamps and use their special abilities, more so, both players can control any character on the board. 

Other two-player board games include Scythe, Small World, Betrayal At House On The Hill, Mysterium, The Fox In The Forest, Twilight Struggle.

What Two-Player Board Games Can Couples Play Together?

More than ever, today, couples spend a lot of time with each other, maybe this's as a result of the after-effects of the 2019 pandemic. Either way, couples need to spend a lot of fun time together, and one easy way is by playing cool and fun board games. 

So if you're playing a game with your partner to make a date night fun or just trying to fight boredom, here are a few two-player board games you can play with your partner: 

Fog of Love

Fog of love is a cool two-player game where you can explore how relationships start, grow, and end. At the initial stage of the game, both players are to choose from a random selection of relationship goals that'll end up being their decisive win condition. 

These decisive conditions can be anything big, from purchasing a property together or little like, leaving the toilet seat up, sometimes both players will have to secretly choose and then compare their choices afterward. Then, other choices can involve just one player making a decision. 

Talk Flirt Dare

This is a perfect game for couples, more so, it's fun, it involves both parties asking each other personal questions with card prompts. This game can make a relationship grow for good, you can get to know more about your partner through straight-up dares, which can make couples intimate.  

Code Names: Duet

This is a cooperative word game that makes couples work together, the game aims to discover secret names of undercover agents without unearthing an assassin. One player gives clues while the other player thinks which names are being cited. 

Others cool two-player games for couples include: include Azul, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Blokus, Exploding Kittens. 

Best Online Board Games For 2-5 Players 

Board games are nice when you play them in person, no doubt about that, but what if it's hard to get a gaming group together, simply because of conflicting schedules, then how do you enjoy a board game? Well, the luck here is that there are hundreds of board games online, that you can play over the Internet, and you don't need to have your gaming group be together physically to play. 

If that's the case, here are some of the best two-player board games in 2021 that you can play online: 


In this game each team takes turns guessing words on a grid card, it's a game of picky phrasing, words are guessed based on clues. The key to winning this game is by gesturing multiple answers with a single clue. One fun thing about this game is that it's simple, and it's a nice online board game, you can play with a friend or different friends. 


This is a classic real estate game, it involves the players buying, trading, and maintaining Atlantic City properties, in hopes of making the competition go bankrupt. You can play this game with friends online, or you can compete against an AI or other online players.


Villagers is a village building and card drafting game that you can play online, its adventure is set in the aftermath of a medieval plague. Players are meant to guide a hard-hit region to prosperity by choosing settlers to populate the community. In conclusion, these are some of the best two-player board games to play in 2021. 


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