Promotional outdoor and leisure products

So as not to miss the main point, what are promotional products? Well, they are items, branded with a slogan or logo, on them. These branded items promote a brand, event, or even more corporate identity. Reading further, this article. You'll learn how to use outdoor & leisure promotional products. To promote your brand effectively. Thus increasing sales and attracting new customers for your brand or business. 

Some might not know this. But, wearables are the largest product category for promotional products. They make up over 30% of total promotional products. 

The History Of How Promotional Products Came About 

A printer in Ohio named Jasper Meek. Is considered by a lot of people to be the originator of the promotional product's industry. He convinced a shoe store to distribute bags with their store name imprinted on them to schools. Thereafter, a competitor of Jasper, Henry Beach, did the same thing. After getting the idea from his competitor. And in no time, both were selling printable items. 

By 1904, about 12 manufacturers of promotional items. Founded the organization Promotional Products Association International. And today, it has over 10,000 members, globally. Also, the organization as of today has about 4800 manufacturers. And more than 22,000 people who distribute promotional products.

The Benefits Of Giving Out Outdoor And Leisure Promotional Products

Giving out outdoor and leisure promotional items to staff, clients and customers. Increases your brand's profile, tangibility, and personality. More so, there are other important reasons why: 

It's An Affordable Marketing Solution

Unlike other forms of marketing. Promoting your brand with promotional outdoor & leisure products is inexpensive. And the products are low cost. This form of marketing is also very cost-effective. 

It's better than other popular means of promoting a brand. One cool thing is that when you give people your promotional products. It not only increases your brand's impression. It also boosts its reputation. 

Promotional Giveaways Increases Sales And Boosts Leads

Giving out promotional products does more than promoting a brand or brands, there's more to it. Doing that also increases sales for your brand. More so, they're also lead generators. 

Nonetheless, 6 out of 10 people keep promotional products for over a year or two. Thus creating a long-lasting impression for your brand. Amongst customers, and people alike. 

It Makes Your Customers Loyal

Do you know that? About 80% of people tend to do business with an advertiser after they receive a promotional item. Also, It's a fact that promotional items establish an intimate relationship. Between a brand and a customer. Which, in turn, can bring about customers being ambassadors. 

In all honesty. People like receiving gifts. Hence, giving a promotional gift to a customer is more like saying I care and thank you for being a customer. And customers might return that favour by being loyal to the brand. 

Things You Need To Know When Giving Out Outdoor And Leisure Promotional Items

Outdoor And Leisure Promotional Products Are Best Given Out During Warmer Seasons

During warmer weather, it's normal for people to go outside, not for any reason, but to have fun. Whether it's carnivals, festivals, picnics, and car races. Etc. Warmer seasons are a perfect time to sell your promotional outdoor & leisure products. 

Your promotional giveaways might make your clients' outings more fun. And this means increased awareness for your brand. It's cool you give out these items, in person, it feels personal and emotional when you do it that way. 

Younger People Tend To Attend Outdoor Activities More

When giving out promotional products for outdoor or leisure activities. You should consider the fact that younger people tend to go out more, for outdoor activities. So it's only right you give out items or products young people would appreciate, for the most part. 

But if the majority of your clients or customers are 45 and above. You could give out items that older people would love. But still, consider giving out items younger people would love. 


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