Amazon DSP program delivery truck en route for delivery.

Amazon DSP program is a program that allows independent businesses to rent vans. Owned by Amazon and get paid for routes they complete. These businesses are delivery service partners. Or DSPs. This program is perfect for anyone who desires to start his/her delivery service. Using Amazon's tools and technology. 

As an Amazon DSP program partner, you enjoy access to the steady delivery volume. More so, discounts on a lot of services and assets, vehicle leases and training. 

Let's face it, millions of people love to own a small business, most especially a delivery business. Although that might seem like a good business idea, only a few people can see that idea to fruition. Because the reason is, having a business idea is just one thing, it takes planning execution and money. This is where Amazon as a big business comes in. 

Many thanks to the Amazon DSP program. Entrepreneurs are now able to own independent delivery companies. With the help of Amazon's DSP processes, logistics and technology. So, as an Amazon DSP owner, you can earn up to $300,000 a year in profit. 

Some might not know this. But it takes a lot of hard work, effort and most especially resources. To deliver tons of packages every year. This is all the more reason. The Amazon logistics department is always growing its supply chain. Because they often execute innovative solutions. To make it possible for customers to receive their orders in the earliest time possible. 

How Much Does An Amazon DSP Owner Make?

The average annual pay for an Amazon DSP program in the US is $63, 874. This is according to Zip Recruiter. Working in the DSP as a partner, you earn $30.71 an hour and that totals about $5,323/month. Although the annual salaries of an Amazon DSP partner can range from anywhere between $20,500 to $185,000. These figures can vary. Nonetheless, there might be opportunities for advancement and increased pay. Based on skill level, years of experience and location. 

What Cities Pay The Highest For Amazon Delivery Partner Jobs 

Sunnyvale, CA, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, and California are amongst the top cities. That pays the highest for an Amazon Delivery Partner job. Sunnyvale, in particular, has a fairly active Amazon Delivery Partner job market. As only a few companies hire for that role. 

Advice For Getting Started With Amazon DSP

As an Amazon DSP business owner, you'll have to manage a team of 40 to 100 people. More so, you'll need about 20 to 40 fleets of vans. Used in delivering packages every single day of the year. Thus serving thousands of customers. Daily duties in this role involve; scheduling drivers. Setting up routes and rallying your team. Tracking progress throughout the day. And working with Amazon to troubleshoot problems. More so, making sure vans are properly fueled and parked. 

More so, aside from the duties listed above. There are other things involved. When starting as an Amazon DSP business owner. Main duties include: getting the required licenses. Hiring staff, and setting up important business services. You must make your workers understand the idea of customer-obsessed culture. 

Although, these things listed above, are all part of Amazon's company culture. Amazon has stated that the key to a successful delivery partner is resilience. And the ability to handle the equivocation of a fast-paced business. That's constantly changing. Even more, the company has said to people who have served in the military. Have the trait necessary for success in the delivery service program. So, the company has promised to give out a million dollars. To reimburse up to $10,000 in startup costs for qualified US military veterans. 

The Advantages Of Joining The Amazon Delivery Program. 

As good as the Amazon delivery program may seem, it's also very advantageous. 

There are countless advantages to joining this program. And with so much new need for safe, fast home delivery. Because there's never been a better time to leap into the logistics field. Being a Delivery Service Partner, you enjoy advantages like:

  • You'll get to be a business leader, no matter how small it is. As Amazon packages keep growing, you can focus on growing and developing your team. And not to worry so much about sales. 

  • In this program, you don't need experience in logistics. Because with access to Amazon's technology, processes. And Amazon's years of experience in logistics. Partners can leverage that, set up and run their delivery business easily. 

  • Amazon helps its delivery service partners with the training needed. To run its business. Just in case you're wondering how long is the Amazon DSP training? It's just two weeks. They even offer on-demand support. The company makes sure your company's operation runs smoothly. 

The Basic Roles Of A Delivery Partner

Being in the Amazon DSP program. You'll have to deliver packages. And goods to people in their respective communities. More so, as an owner and operator. You'll be training, hiring, retaining and developing a team of delivery associates. These associates will deliver lots of packages to Amazon customers in your area. 

Once you apply to be in the program and your application gets accepted, you'll have to follow a few steps. These steps you'll take will help you launch your delivery business. They include steps like: 

  • Building Your Team

As an Amazon DSP program partner. You'll have to hire and keep a team of employees that are well-grounded when it comes to performing duties. Because you've got to make your business operations smooth and a success. So, you'll have to hire 40 to 100 delivery workers to drive 20 to 40 vehicles daily. 

  • Setting Up Your Delivery Business

There is a range of deals from you to choose from. Because these deals are exclusive and are also needed to get you the assets needed to start your business. So these can include discounts on recruiting tools, taxes. Accounting, payroll, recruiting tools, legal support and insurance options. So Amazon offers these options through its network of top-in-class service providers. 

  • Create A-Team Culture

You and your team have to reflect Amazon's standards. You've got to be customer-obsessed. Meaning your customers should come first, in everything you do as a team. As for your business. By coaching and motivating your team, also developing them. Your team will deliver well enough. Because that's the main goal of the business. Delivering for your customers timely. 

  • Deliver results. 

Most importantly, you have to deliver a great customer experience. To create more hiring chances. You can do this by delivering more packages. Because that keeps your business thriving.

What are the benefits of the Future DSP Program? How Amazon Can Help You

Being an Amazon DSP partner, there are lots of benefits you can expect. And they are: 

  • Tools And Equipment For Startup Success

As a partner, you get access to deals on branded vans by Amazon. Handheld devices that are industrial grade. And comprehensive insurance for your delivery business. 

  • Two weeks on training

You'll undergo two weeks of training, on business management and station training. It'll be virtual training. 

  • Access To A Detailed Toolkit

Amazon will provide you with the tech and tools needed to make your delivery service a stellar one. This also includes access to daily processes designed for success. 

  • On-demand support.

Owners get continual support from Amazon. This includes delivery associate assistance, for on-road issues. A comprehensive operations manual and a dedicated account manager.

How Do I Start an Amazon Delivery Service?

It's for a fact that Amazon relies on different third-party contractors. Third-party contractors that meet their minimal professional requirements. So if you intend to be part of the Amazon DSP program, you'll have to meet the following requirements. Either as a business or an individual. So they are: 

  • Licensed with the Workers Compensations. And Cargo Legal Liability and Automotive and Commercial Insurance.

  • Has drivers that are well as skilled and experienced. Also has policies for drivers. Drivers have completed documented safety training.

  • Owns cargo autos in good quality with proof of service records. The cargo auto should, at a minimum, have 200 cubic feet capability ready for goods.

The Amazon DSP program prerequisites listed above are a chance. For entrepreneurs to become Amazon's delivery partners. While below are the criteria for the Amazon DSP:

  • Minimum investment of $10,000

  • Owners agree to be fully responsible for the development of their teams. More so the hiring of teams. 

  • Must be capable of organizing a minimum of 40 vans and 100 employees

  • Must ensure delivered shipments seven days per week. All through the year. 

Amazon Logistics' Impact on Sellers?

Shipping time and delivery expectations affect seller feedback and ratings. The basic truth is, customers are likely to submit favourable feedback or review. To sellers. If they receive their orders fast. Most especially within the timeframe. 

In contrast, late deliveries can result in low ratings for sellers. So, Amazon delivery partners must work well enough, so as not to hurt a seller's reputation. Because this is important since a seller has no control over Amazon logistics. And cannot pick a delivery provider.

Through the DSP program. Amazon is offering entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. Their families, an opportunity to start their businesses. Amazon recently launched a new diversity grant. Designed to help reduce the boundaries to entry. For Latinos, Black, and Native American entrepreneurs. 

By so doing, and as stated before. The company has made a $1 million commitment. For funding startup costs for these aspiring owners. And operators, from different backgrounds. Then offering $10,000 for each prepared candidate to build them a business. 

Also, the Delivery Service Partner program creates thousands of small businesses. All across the US. Also, it gives owners and employees access to a steady stream of work. Which is of course given by one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. 

So, if you're interested in the Amazon DSP program? Well, you can sign up. But it's also good to meet all the requirements. Because you must do so. So It's a great opportunity to start a business, grow as a business owner. And most importantly, be a boss of your own. 

You can also visit the Amazon DSP program website. To get full insight on how to start the business fully. And of course, be a good partner. With Amazon. 


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